All you need to know about double door containers

Double Door Containers

In the world of containers, one can be mesmerized by seeing at the vastness of containers in terms of their type, size, feature, usage, and versatility. Ever since the advent of containers in the world, they have been experimented and molded to make them suitable for all kinds of cargoes and capable of all means of transportation.

In this article, we will be talking about a very unique container type- Double Door

About double door
All standard shipping containers have at least one set of double doors. But there is a unique type of container having two sets of double doors – one set on each end of the container length. These are called double door shipping containers.

These are designed to cater for the loading and unloading of goods from both the ends. Because of their accessibility from two ends, they are considered ideal for storage purposes.

Most used dimensions

20ft double door
Internal dimension- 19’4×7’8×7’10
External dimension- 19’10x8x8’6
Roof Opening- 7’8×7’5
Max gross weight- 67200 pound

20ft high cube double door
Internal dimension- 19’4×7’8×8’10
External dimension- 19’10x8x9’6
Roof Opening- 7’8×8’6
Max gross weight- 67200 pound

40ft high cube
Internal dimension- 39’5×7’8×7’10
External dimension- 40x8x8’6
Roof Opening- 7’8×7’5
Max gross weight- 67200 pound

Double door containers have some biggest advantages-

  1.  It offers better storage space: As mentioned above, double door containers are considered ideal for the storage of goods as they allow entrance and exit to the goods from both the ends. For removals or general residential or business storage needs, having two sets of double doors in your shipping container is more convenient than one. The goods that are needed to be taken out most frequently can be kept near to the doors while other goods can be kept near to the center. It allows you to stack and store items in an arranged manner.
  2.  Perfect for LCL shipment: Double door containers work perfectly for LCL shipment. LCL means Less than a container load is a method of shipment through which a single container can be occupied by the multiple shipper’s cargoes. The entire container space is shared by multiple shippers. It usually happens when so many shippers gather at the carrier’s place with a very small volume of goods and negotiate to pay only for the space their cargo occupies. Why the double door is ideal for LC shipment is because the cargoes can be arranged according to the port of destination. A vessel travels several ports to drop the containers. Suppose a vessel travels first port A, B, and then C. The cargo that is to be dropped at port A could be kept near to the one door, cargoes to be dropped at port B could be kept near to another door and cargoes to be dropped at port C (final port) could be kept at the center of the container.
  3. More Modification option: 20ft and 40ft double door containers are the most demanding in the cargotecture industry. This is because of their spacious design that makes modification easier and cost-effective. Whether it is for building houses, offices, stores, malls, swimming pools, or bridges, double door containers are the first choice of the cargotectures. Removing the original doors to put in a different door or wall is easier than removing the original wall of the box.

Buying double door containers for shipping, storage, and/or building purposes is always a good option. But before you start, beware of sales reps and companies that are riddled with false advertising. All they do is misguide customers. Therefore, it’s imperative to consider various factors before coming into a contract with a supplier. At LOTUS Containers, we have been helping people across the world in the selection of the right shipping containers. Being in the field for more than a decade, we assure you for the quality and help you acquire all types of containers at much-negotiated rates. Let us know your need and we will be right there in your services.


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